﹢ How can I start the design process?

To get started with the process, you will first need to apply for a spot in the design schedule. Fill out the enquiry form here and let me know more about your project and the design service package you're interested in. From here, I'll put together a custom quote along with a proposed start date and timeline for your project. If accepted, a contract and booking deposit will be sent to you which will secure you spot in the design schedule.

﹢ How soon can you start my project?

I am usually booked up at least 1-2 months in advance so it is best to get in contact sooner rather than later.

﹢ How many clients do you take on at once?

In order to give my full time and attention to each project, I only work with 1-2 clients per month for branding and/or website projects.

﹢ Is my initial deposit refundable?

All deposits are non-refundable as they are used to secure your spot in my work schedule. By booking in, your space is reserved in the timeline.

﹢ How long does the Branding process take?

Each project has an estimated timeline ranging from 6-8 weeks. While every client project is different and can be longer or shorter than this, this is a general guide.

﹢ Are font licenses included in these packages?

No, all font licenses must be purchased by you. You will be provided with links to purchase in your final style guide. An additional budget between $50 and $300 should be kept in mind for font licensing.

﹢ Can you just design a logo for my business?

At the moment, I only take on full branding projects so unfortunately I cannot design you just a logo. I believe the best way to set your brand up for long-term success is by equipping you with all the necessary tools from the beginning.

﹢ What are primary, secondary and submark logos?

A main logo will be your full complete logo that your brand is associated with. An alternate logo is a slight variation on this logo, whether that be omitting the tagline or creating a stacked version, for example. A submark logo is another variation of the main logo that is often a small mark or icon used on social media.

﹢ What if I need more refinements?

Additional concepts or refinements are generally not needed if we have nailed our style during the strategy stage however in the event you are not satisfied with the initial presentation, additional concepts and refinements can be made at the hourly rate.

﹢ Do you provide printing services?

While I don't account for printing costs in my package prices, I am happy to assist with organising printing services per the cost of the printer's quotes. I am also happy to recommend printers for you to work with.

﹢ Do you help with copywriting or photography?

While I do not offer copywriting or content services, I am happy to assist with optimising your existing copy for SEO purposes. All content must be provided by you prior to design commencing. I am not a photographer however so I cannot assist with website photography but I can recommend many great brand photographers who can assist with your project.

﹢ Can you just build a website for my business?

At the moment, I only offer websites as an extension of my branding projects. I am happy to refer you to some other trusted designers who would offer website design as a standalone service, however.

﹢ Do you use Wordpress / Shopify / Showit?

While I have had limited experience using other web builders, I am most confident in being able to deliver you a custom website design in Squarespace. Therefore, I currently build websites exclusively using Squarespace at the moment. I can offer design services should you still like to work together, however you will also need to employ the services of a developer. Please contact me regarding these custom services if you are interested.

﹢ Will my Squarespace site be a template design?

Squarespace requires all sites to be started with the selection of a template. However, once I select a template, all elements are immediately removed and a custom design is created. All websites are designed first using Adobe software and then developed into Squarespace using HTML and CSS coding that will ensure it doesn't look like a template design.

﹢ Can you assist with ongoing website edits?

Yes, I can assist with website maintenance after the launch of your site. This includes content edits (content must be supplied) such as text edits, gallery updates, blog posts and online store products; or the addition and design of extra website pages if required. This will be quoted and billed at my hourly rate.

﹢ Will I be able to edit my website ongoing?

Yes, Squarespace's user experience is designed for the DIY user in mind with easy-to-understand help guides available and a drag-and-drop design interface. Please keep in mind however that your website has been designed to be a finished product upon delivery and is not designed to be heavily altered outside of minor text edits and image updates. Should you attempt to alter the code of the website or make changes to the design that you are not confident with or that change the design significantly, I am limited in my ability to offer support or restore the original as I do not keep a back-up of the website or its code.

﹢ What does website hosting cost?

Squarespace hosting costs can be found here. I recommend all clients sign up for the Business Plan or higher to allow for maximum customisation of the template using HTML code, which will make the investment much more worthwhile.

﹢ Are there any discounts on hosting costs?

As a Squarespace Circle Member, I can offer my clients a 20% discount off the first year of Website or Online Store annual plans.

﹢ Where can I purchase a domain name from?

I recommend registering your domain name either directly with Squarespace or GoDaddy.

﹢ What SEO services do you provide?

I have basic SEO knowledge and include these services in all website designs. This includes helping to edit and optimise content with keywords if required as well as editing filenames and ensuring website navigation is streamlined. If ongoing SEO services are required, I can recommend other service-providers to assist.